At SheFi, we believe that the frontier is feminine.

Master Web3
Reinvent Your Career
Shape the Future of Web3

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Join Cohort 12, starting October, 2024.
the frontier is feminine
the frontier is feminine
the frontier is feminine
the frontier is feminine
the frontier is feminine
the frontier is feminine
the frontier is feminine
the frontier is feminine
the frontier is feminine

SheFi is designed to make Web3 learning accessible and inclusive.

It’s 8 weeks of educational instruction, hands-on tech demos, and peer support, aimed at accelerating Web3 careers.

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A Single Launchpad for Web3 Careers


Comprehensive MBA-style 8-week program with live and recorded classes


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Educating women since 2020 Meet  the Founder, Maggie Love


It's like getting an MBA in blockchain—it gave me the credentials to prove my knowledge in web3, instantly overcoming any doubts about my expertise. After completing SheFi, I attended a conference and landed my current job at RARI Foundation.

Jana Betram

Participating in SheFi as a scholarship recipient paved the way for me to completely pivot my career, while helping me leverage the skills and experience I gained outside of web3. SheFi gave me the technical skills, language and network that made it possible for me to safely and meaningfully participate in crypto.

Laurel Klafehn

I'm so thankful to SheFi for creating a space that endorses patience, empathy, and emotional and psychological safety while empowering us to stay curious and fight for equitable and inclusive experiences for all who navigate the digital realm.

Annie Pressman

As a Product Designer looking to earn more about the web3 space, I have gained a lot of knowledge than I thought I could ever have in a space of 13 weeks. I always looked forward to doing the quests as that enabled me to become more engaged and also helped me to solidify knowledge more.

Odjegba Martina Emuoboh

She-Fi has been one of the most warm, welcoming, and helpful communities I've ever been a part of. Everyone is so talented, insightful, smart, eager to learn, and willing to help each other out. It's inspiring and such a needed space safe in a web3 landscape still so dominated by men.


Learning about the Blockchain space was a game-changer, and what made it even better was how approachable the content was. The SheFi community, filled with amazing women and non-binary individuals, made the journey unforgettable.

Wanjiru Mwoka

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