is the MBA of Web3 Learning.

Master Web3.
Reinvent Your Career.
Shape the Future of Web3.

All in an 8 week program.

We are a community of 3,000 global, curious, forward-thinking, creative women supporting you on your Web3 journey. Our values are openness, kindness, inclusion, interdependence and collaboration.

The SheFi


SheFi was born on a run.

It’s 2019, and I’m noticing that despite the permissionless nature of blockchain, there’s a significant cultural, educational, and interest gap.

I sit down that night and create SheFi.

The Goal? Get women ahead of the race to adopt financially transformative tools like crypto and AI.

SheFi’s mission is to empower women through education, experimentation, and community.

We’re now the #1 community for crypto education and career development.

And we’re just getting started.

Maggie Love, Founder

by Maggie

About the Course

Cohort-Based Learning

In 8 weeks, members receive 24+ hours of live instruction, demos and guest lectures to level up their Web3 knowledge.

A Place to Network

Network with a global community of likeminded professionals building and working in Web3 and frontier technologies.

Meet up globally at events.

A Career Launchpad

We help you secure your dream Web3 job thorugh our dedicated SheFi Recruiter, job board, and monthly career workshops.



Each course* contains 1 - 2 in depth educational sessions with demos as well as shared recordings, materials and detailed tutorials.


Becoming a Blockchain Baddie


Wonder Wallets

Layer 2s

Ethereum Glow Ups

Decentralized Finance
DeFi Overview

What The Fi is DeFi?


What’s Dai Got to Do With it?


Trading Tokens


The World’s Most Interest-Ing Platform


Little Miss Staker

Consumer Crypto

I Want My NFTs!

DAO Theory

I Wanna DAO With Somebody


Governance and Public Goods


Socially Devoted To You

Artificial Intelligence

AI will Survive



SheFi members receive access to applications and Web3 events. Some examples: Lens, Moments of Space, Floor, Devcon, Consensus, & ETHGlobal

IRL Events

Meet us at our global large-scale events, SheFi Summits, or local educational events with partners like Union Square Ventures. Whatever the size, we aim for empowerment and connection.

Guest Speakers

We curate prominent guest speakers for in person and virtual events. Previous speakers include Meltem Demirors, Aubrey Strobel, LATASHÁ, and Gaby Goldberg.

Exclusive Channels

SheFi members receive access to exclusive member-only classrooms, newsletter, Discord and regional groups. Through these channels, members can get support for their questions, share knowledge and build connections.

SheFi Spotlights

Learn from our community. Are you an expert in something? We’ve hosted our members to speak on Personal Finance, Managing crypto anxiety, NFT investing, Metaverse Fashion and the Web3 startup experience. Let our community team know!

Career Opportunities

Discover premier Web3 opportunities tailored to your skills and aspirations. Receive personalized support from our dedicated recruiters committed to guiding you through every step of your career journey in this dynamic field.

Meet the Team!

maggie love
alyssa mae tumlos
graphic designer
SHELBY Schweitzer
community MANAGER
Emily Harrison
operations guru
OPerations guru
susie batt
jon wu