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SheFi is a DeFi educational initiative and global community of women who want to go from crypto curious to crypto confident.


SheFi stitches together education, experimentation and community to empower women of all backgrounds and experiences in the new financial and technological paradigm underpinned by blockchain technology.

Through cohort based learning, women will explore and gain experience using the top blockchain protocols and applications.

The SheFi community is anchored in the values of openness, kindness, diversity, inclusion, equity, curiosity, listening and support to name a few.

Each course* contains 1 - 2 in depth educational sessions with demos as well as shared recordings, materials and detailed how-to guides.


History of Women, Finance and The Future with Blockchain

SheFi Overview & Onboarding

Becoming a Blockchain Baddie

What The Fi is DeFi?

Where to Begin: Web 3 Wallets

Linking to Layer 2s

Quests with Rabbithole

What's Dai Got To Do With It? {Stablecoins}

The World's Most Interest-ing Platform {Lending: Aave}

Trading Tokens {Decentralized Exchanges: Uniswap}

I Want My NFTs!

NFT x DeFi Collaborations

I Wanna DAO with Somebody

Portfolio Portals {DeFi Dashboards: Zapper & Zerion}

*Courses may vary and more may be added
*Guest speakers throughout the cohort